Redefine the Event Experience

Empower fans with smartphone technology that turns them into your brand ambassadors.

Build the Brand Image

Produce unforgettable event experiences that spread instantly via next generation social technology.

Monetize the Engagement

Leverage mobile technology that can commercially transform your global following into a profitable, high-value consumer and influencer fan base.

Turn events into interactive engagements with FanExperience App™

Pack’s FanExperience App delivers unforgettable event experiences through its rich content and sharing features, and the latest location-based technologies to interact with fans at events like never before!

Convert mobile phones into an extension of your physical event, allowing guests to create and share content while interacting with the physical environment on a personalized level like never before.

Use FanEx App to create unique event goer experiences at all types of events! Consolidate large communities of users under a single mobile platform with limitless social engagement and monetization opportunities.

Unforgettable Experiences

Personalize event engagements and interactive experiences

Prove Event ROI

Measure brand reach and consumer response with real time measurement and analytics

Drive Growth

Monetize to create new revenue from sponsorship, advertising and product sales

Deliver rich, interactive advertising media for sponsors and partners to drive new revenue 

Video Content

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Interactive Challenges

Interactive Challenges

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Turn mobile phones into personal engagements. Before, during and after your event.

Create interactive experiences using the latest Bluetooth beacons and geo-fencing technology

Monetize events to increase earning through in-app sponsorship, advertising and product sales.

Leverage next-gen social technology that lets you build a captive fan following on a smartphone!

Advanced CMS simplifies publishing/content management.

Real-time ROI metrics and measurability.

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